Let’s Take it Outside

Spring is right around the corner and I’m dying to enjoy my outdoor spaces!! I’m having some replacement cushions made for my deck chairs and I can’t wait until they’re finished!

I’ve found that most of us don’t put as much thought into our outdoor furniture as we should. We choose a few things we like but often don’t follow the same guidelines as we do for our indoor living spaces. We need to consider the exterior colors of our home and it’s surroundings in order to make the best color and pattern choice. We need to look at quality and durability. Will the furniture be under a roof or exposed to daily weather? Outdoor furniture can be shockingly expensive! 

I searched high and low to find these chairs for my front porch, but I knew immediately that the cushions would have to be replaced. As you can see, the blue undertone was not going to work with my stone and siding color. I loved the style and the antique finish on the rattan, though.


I live in the woods. I must let nature inspire my color choices both inside and out, as every window has a view of trees. I love the bright green in our landscape plants against the stone, so green cushions it is! I chose a solid fabric because of the heavy pattern in the stone, siding, and stamped concrete floor.  

I chose an outdoor fabric and custom lumbar pillows for more color. Much better, right?


Don’t settle for a color that isn’t working. 

Hope you enjoy your outdoor spaces as much as we do. Food always tastes better outside!